Safe in-person and virtual care

Even in this time of uncertainty, we are a place for hope and healing — and we’re delivering the care you need.

We welcome both new and existing patients for virtual and in-person care, including elective surgeries, in adherence with government guidance.

Please contact us to discuss your appointment options:

Virtual visits

Video and phone visits can be great options for appointments before, after or in place of face-to-face care. Appointment coordinators will recommend a virtual visit if it best fits your individual needs.

Your safety is our top priority

Your safety and that of our staff are paramount in our ability to provide a safe service. We will therefore be taking additional measures within the centre to reduce the risk of infection transmission.

We’ve added new precautions to minimize risk of COVID-19 transmission. You can focus on getting the answers you seek, knowing that we’re committed to keeping you safe.

We follow carefully designed, rigorously enforced safety precautions for anyone who needs face-to-face care. We have ample supplies of personal protective equipment (PPE) and full support for COVID-19 testing.

When you visit, you’ll notice:

Masking policy enforced: All patients, visitors and staff must wear masks

Strict limits to the number of people onsite

Carefully monitored entrance points

Screening of all patients for symptoms and possible COVID-19 exposure before entering our buildings

Waiting areas arranged for social distancing

Enhanced cleaning of exam rooms and equipment after each patient

Frequent deep cleaning of other clinic spaces

When you arrive:

A member of staff will welcome you at your designated entrance. They’ll guide you through our door screening process, including:

COVID-19 screening questions

A temperature check

If your door screening goes smoothly, you’ll be reminded of important clinic safety guidelines, including use of masks, social distancing and visitor policies. Then, you can head to the floor for your appointment. If any symptoms or questions come up during your door screening, you’ll meet with a nurse right away for additional screening and testing for COVID if needed.

While you wait:

Our staff has taken special precautions to protect you in all waiting areas. You’ll see:

Extra supplies of hand sanitizer available to all

Masking and social distancing guidelines posted and monitored by staff

Seating arranged and marked to promote social distancing

Robust cleaning and sanitizing practices

Separate waiting areas for visitors with possible COVID-19 exposure

During your appointment

You’ll get the comprehensive, thoughtful evaluation you need from your Clinic visit. At the same time, you can feel confident in extra steps to protect your well-being:

You and your care team will stay masked

Consultation and exam rooms are arranged for social distancing

Frequent and robust handwashing is our practice

Care is delivered efficiently and effectively while allowing physical distance.

We support full testing capacity, in the event you require additional testing. Some tests or procedures may require COVID-19 testing beforehand to ensure safety.

For more information about the Coronavirus and the most up to date advice from the UK government please visit: and